Dobar House season closing w/ Alex Ranerro at Sirup

In memory of Tito’s birthday, the 25th of May is a work-free day in Croatia. In that spirit, Dobar House has picked this date for its first season closing with Alex Ranerro, Arzsenik, Roth Segen and the owner of the brand, Tom Bug. Dobar House is based in a former syrup factory, keeping the original name Sirup, with a very specific DJ booth. This is the first season of Dobar House. As you can suspect from the name itself, Dobar House stands for good and quality house music.

The owner of the brand, Tom Bug, a house-based DJ himself, focused on shining the light of the season on local artists from Zagreb, Belgrade and now Ljubljana, to create a solid path for Zagreb’s own house clubbing culture. Through the past year, you could listen to stories of Flaneur, Full Ferry, Popi Divine, Apollo Eighteen, Grooveline, Tom & Grade and others. The season closing on the 25th May will be another interesting ending of a chapter and we expect Season 2 to be even more daring.

You can listen to Alex Ranerro’s mini mix, to grasp a little bit of tomorrows atmosphere. 

By Severin, edited on 26 May 2018