Doctor Dru releases EP on his JEUDI Records

Doctor Dru, an artist, DJ, producer and label honcho of JEUDI Records, has released a solo EP on his own imprint. He is one of the key proponents of the contemporary deep house movement that has swept across Europe and the rest of the world in recent years. With releases on respectful labels such as Exploited, Stil Vor Talent, Suara and of course his own JEUDI, Doctor Dru managed to create a name for himself which lead to numerous gigs at some of the most notable clubs such as Warung, Destino, Ushuaia, Watergate, Treehouse and a many more. His latest release introduces two original tracks that were released via his imprint.

Doctor Dru - Mind Parade EP

"Mind Parade" follows the current deep house trends with slower BPM's and organic approach. The rather basic 4/4 drum pattern is lead by disco-ish snare which we can believe sounds rather tight on big open-air venues, especially in a combination with rumbling low end. The main synth chord slowly progresses throughout the tune reaching a peak after the main break where all the energy gets released into the wild.

On the other side, track "Egypt Express" shares a similar philosophy influenced by Egyptian sound and mood. The subtle groove built of soft percussion and bongo sounds is driven forward by shaker rhythms while oriental tones bring out the emotional touch. The arpeggiator synth which comes in, later on, adds tension which builds up during the breakdown and slowly fades out at the drop.

The Mind Parade EP is a perfect package of tunes that will found its way to the open-air desert festivals around the globe, especially during the summertime. You can already grab the release HERE.

By Saša, edited on 15 June 2018