Donate and save the legendary Ambasada Gavioli

The legendary Slovenia club Ambasada Gavioli has closed its doors after successfully running for more than 20 years. The "cathedral of luxurious colours" had it's closing party on the 2nd January this year and that was supposed to be an end of an era. Even though, that the club was on the edge of shutting down quite a few times in their history, it always survived and continued to serve its purpose. When Fetch The Vibe team announced their withdrawal from Gavioli roughly half a year ago, partygoers were quite devastated. At first, a lot of people didn't believe that their favourite club will end its story, but as the year was ending, this worst scenario became realistic. Few months before the closure of Ambasada Gavioli, few enthusiasts decided to start a Facebook group and movement; #SaveAmbasadaGavioli.

The idea of this group was to gather as many likeminded people as possible and to maybe stop the closure of their go-to club. The new owner quickly stated that he won't be using real estate for the same purpose as before but after the whole Facebook movement spread around, he started paying attention. One thing lead to another and so Music Society of the Cathedral of Luxurious colours was born. This newly established community of musicians, artists, producers, organizers and promoters have decided to fight for the existence of the architectural pearl built by Gianni Gavioli two decades ago.

Donate to #saveCathedral

In order to get Ambasada Gavioli back on track, the Society will need to gather quite a huge amount of funds. Your contribution with "Voluntarily donations" and "Membership fees" is crucial in this stage of the project to sign the contract of intention for club re-opening among Cathedral of Luxurious Colors - Union and owner of the place. The financial support from donations will be purposely used to help retain fix rental monthly costs, program costs, technical equipment rental cost in the first stage. Their primary goal is to gather the amount of 100.000€ which would start the process of re-launching Ambasada Gavioli. The team behind this ambitious project has created few different donation packages. Each package contains a certain amount of donation as well as the "reward" that a donator will get.
By Saša, edited on 30 May 2018