Drugstore Belgrade pres. Redshape

Drugstore, one of the Belgrade's finest nightclubs, will be hosting techno master Redshape. His identity is a well-kept secret so no one really knows who he actually is. He hides behind a red mask at all times, even wearing it on stage at his club dates around Europe. There are also rumours that behind the mask might be the face of a very famous producer indeed, but does it really matter? Besides the fact that he resides in Berlin, he's also released a whole bunch of tracks over the last year or so on labels such as Delsin, Styrax Leaves and Music Man. The date is set for Friday, November the 4th, when Drugstore will have a great honour to be enjoying the Redshape's 10 YEARS LIVE TOUR 2016!

w. Marko Milosavljevic & Kristijan Molnar

So who will be joining the mysterious German behind the decks? Marko Milosavljevic, a passionate vinyl collector, is one of the most established electronic music artists in Serbia. He's been active on the local music scene for more than 15 years, which lead him to play in most of the clubs and festivals around Ex-Yu region as well as some other countries such as Spain, England and Spain. Kristijan Molnar will be completing the lineup.

He is the host and the voice of Christallization Radio Show which promotes fresh electronic music to radio listeners in Serbia. In the last four years or so, Kristijan has succeeded in bringing to light the latest and upcoming trends in electronic music, as well as promoting acclaimed international and domestic artists through numerous guest mixes and interviews.

Halloween morning's early bird tickets are available via Eventim Serbia for roughly 5€ (600 rsd). Make sure that you grab your ticket on time.

By Saša, edited on 13 June 2018