Ed Herbst delivers EP on Rubisco

Berliner Ed Herbst has been on the slow constant rise for the last couple of years. He's been precisely nurturing and developing jazz, soul & hip hop influenced house beats which resulted in multiple releases that spread from labels such as Neovinyl Records, Hyperspace Records and his beloved Beste Modus. Ed's next release comes as a three original track EP that will see the light of sun via Rubisco - a label owned by Nick Beringer. This vinyl-only piece will be available from March onwards.

Ed Herbst - Interplay EP

Ed starts off with "Press On" record which contains solid swingy groove combined with plucky arpeggiator and dynamic synth stab. Shuffling hi-hats are giving tune its drive while sub bass-line brings out lover fundamentals. "Eighty-Two" introduces a bit deeper vibe lead by atmospheric background pad and smooth drum rhythm while occasional synth and pluck shots give a slight majestic touch.

The last track on the release is entitled "Drum Suite". A strong beat is layered with sub bass and Chicago influenced jackin' synth chords which are perfectly in swing with the rest of the dynamic groove.

Ed Herbst continues to make a name for himself with delivering three original tracks that are perfect for club environment but would fit in more lounge atmosphere as well. The release will be available from March onwards via major online vinyl shops.

By Saša, edited on 15 June 2018