Electronic Beats presents "We Call It Techno!" documentary

German electronic music scene has been leading and setting the trends of this culture since the mid-80's. Berlin has always been a historically a reach point and with the fall of "Berliner Mauer", it became a leading force of the techno movement, which was followed by other cities such as Frankfurt and Mannheim. The Telekom Electronic Beats TV released a documentary back in 2008 which features German techno scene and its growth. "We Call It Techno" focuses on the presenting the electronic music culture and its roots in Berlin, Frankfurt and other cities. The movie includes exclusive unseen interviews, video footages and some hectic photographic material from late 80's and early 90's. This German documentary wouldn't be perfect without a presence of their most established DJ's such as Sven Vath, Tanith and others. While Electronic Beats TV created this video piece roughly ten years ago, it's been only recently available to watch it with English subtitles.

By Saša, edited on 30 May 2018