Elektron presents drum machine Digitakt

Elektron is a Swedish manufacturer that is known for their excellent hardware drum machines, samplers and synthesizers such as Analog Four, Analog Rytm & Octatrack. At the recent NAMM show in the US, the company has revealed their brand new drum machine called Digitakt. It is an 8-track drum sampler and midi sequencer with a multi-mode filter and standard LFO function. There's also a stereo input that allows real-time sampling with a 64MB of sample memory plus an extra 1GB of +Drive storage. Digitakt could also be used as a powerful sequencer of external hardware, something that wasn't possible with other Elektron products like the Analog Rytm and Analog Keys. We'll have to wait a little bit more to get the official price, but rumours are that it will be set around €650, which will make it a more affordable Elektron product. Digitakt will be available to purchase in a couple of months. Check out the video from NAMM.

By Saša, edited on 29 May 2018