Elizabeth Merrick with an EP on Burek

The forthcoming release on Burek has once again proved to us why this label is one of our favourite ones on the Ex-Yu region. Ok, we admit that the name helps a little bit, but it's the constant quality that makes the difference. We've already written a little bit about Burek in one of our previous articles, so, therefore, we'll skip this part and discuss more their next release. Elizabeth Merrick-Jefferson is one of those artists who seem low-key. There’s not a lot of information about her, if any, except for the existence of her two previous records.

Elizabeth Merrick-Jefferson - The Meredith EP

While we were listening to the previews of her upcoming EP, we truly wanted to found out more about this unique artist. Maybe we'll try to get some exclusive info in the future, but for now, we'll have to be satisfied with her music.  The A1 track of the EP is called “Three Happiness” and the name is 100% right. This funky dancefloor weapon won’t let you stand still regardless if you're in the club or maybe just chilling at home. Playful synths, wonderful strings, and infectious groove make it impossible to ignore.

The B1 track is called “Knowledge Revolution” which has a totally diverse vibe compared to the opening track. Simple yet efficient groove gives this track a nice foundation for melodic cuts which provides the track with slight melancholy and ambience feeling. It feels like there's a mystery behind this track, whose vocal appears just frequently enough to provide insight into the title. The last track of this EP is a pure masterpiece.

“Noctilucent Clouds” is one of those tracks that you could listen for hours and even days. The main synth gives an impression of a random arp which is going back and forth while other melodic elements are giving it the fair dose of emotions. It's not an easy task to produce either house or techno track without drums, but when it's done properly, it can sound magically. This EP is yet another amazing release from Burek and another mysterious release by Elizabeth Merrick-Jefferson. The release will be available from 1st March onwards.

By Saša, edited on 13 June 2018