Emmanuel & Anetha to perform at Drugstore Belgrade

The Serbian organisation Music Reactions will take you on another underground voyage into deepest realms of techno at Drugstore Beograd. The event, which will happen on 10th March, will introduce two international guests, Emmanuel and Anetha, who will be performing in the capital city for the first time. 

Emmanuel belongs to the newer younger wave of producers that crafts their unique presence and sound. Despite his tender age, his individual production style has already been appreciated by underground techno and house heavyweights such as Sven Vath, Ben Sims, Ben Klock, Marcel Dettman and many more. As Emmanuel statted, a true artist will always have something that makes them stand out from the crowd. In the case of Emmanuel, it's his wonderful ability to transfer his daily emotions and experiences, into the music whether through his sets or his own label ARTS (Ltd, Collective and Transparent) and Darkmatter Inc.

The second international guest of the night, Parisian Anetha, represents the upcoming wave of female DJ's that are slowly putting their name on the worldwide map of the electronic music scene. With her acid lines, melancholic melodies, and hypnotizing sounds Anetha is successfully merging the old sculpture tape of the nineties with the new modern sound. This exclusivity helped her gained quite a name for herself over the past few years, which lead to playing at famous places in France and all around the world such as Concrete and Weather Festival in Paris, Khidi in Tbilisi, Korner in Taipei, and Berghain in Berlin. From 2016 onwards, Anetha also co-manages Blocaus Series, an imprint, which she started together with her Blocaus collective to develop the French local scene.Music Reactions residents RAR and Betomeng will add a touch of a local ingredient which will make this event unmissable. Check out more about the event HERE.

By Saša, edited on 30 May 2018