Ena Cosovic and Joel Alter are starting a new record label

Ena Cosovic is a Copenhagen based, Bosnian DJ which is regularly spinning her eclectic style across the Danish capital as well as other cities in Europe. She recently has launched a new music label with her partner Joel Alter called True Rotary Recordings. Stemming from a longstanding mutual appreciation for the combination raw techno with more seductive sounds, the label is a natural development of Joel’s and Ena’s musical and personal partnership.True Rotary represents their mutual musical vision and vibe that they love. Keeping it raw and genuine. The first release will be an EP called "Seven Years Adrift" which is produced by Joel himself but under his new Jor-El alias. You can read more about the label and its debut release HERE.

Jor-EL "Adrift"

By Saša, edited on 26 May 2018