Interview: Evident presents debut album Mysteries We Don’t Have Time To Think About

It's not a secret that Evident who's a DJ and producer from Slovenia, has been an important part of our SolvdMag team from its early beginnings. That's why we're really excited about his upcoming project. For the last year or so, he's been preparing his most interesting work till this date - a solo album. Mysteries We Don’t Have Time To Think About consists of fifteen tracks with a rather interesting approach.

What is so unique about this piece is the story that titles and music combined tell us. What's even more impressive is the variety of the tracks that Evident produced spreading from club rhythms and all the way to ambient feelings. We could write a whole lot more about him, the album and his other projects, but we couldn't resist inviting him over for an interview.

Hi Evident. Congratulations on making your first album! What made you do one in the first place?

Hey, thanks a lot! I wanted to make an album for some time now and it felt like it was the right time. Well, there was nothing specific, I just wanted to do it. In the past year, I’ve made some mixes that almost felt like doing an album, but that's not an original work. I feel very creative when I have no constraints and I can just start creating my own musical world.

And the album is a perfect format for doing that, even if an album as a format is slowly dying. I don't think that's necessarily true, maybe in a commercial way. But if you're after something timeless, that can stand a test of time, then I believe albums in physical formats are one of those things...

Let us return a few years back. If we’re not mistaken, you used to work under a different moniker. When, where and why was Evident born?

Yes, I was signing music with my real name (Blaž Peruš) and for a long period of time, I was ok with that. At some point, I just knew this was over because it was impossible to tell anyone where to look my music for since people had trouble pronouncing my name. 

At the same time, I also went through a turbulent period and it felt right to change my alias. I didn’t really feel like releasing anything with my name at that time and I just wanted to make music. The whole thing also proved very healthy for my creativity, because I easily distanced myself from what I was doing if I wanted to.

I’ve really become aware of the word “evident” in a book "How Music Works" written by David Byrne. It stuck with me for a while and for a blue moon in July 2015, I've changed my name.

To me the word evident represents the process of making music and when I'm searching what the track is all about. The further or deeper I go into it, the more evident it all becomes. That's it.

And now back to the album. We find it really interesting how you combined all the tracks titles into an essential story. Did you first produced tracks and then wrote the titles or vice verse?

I was doing both things simultaneously, producing music and giving tracks their names while trying to create a message with them. The titles are there just to let you in my head with a few more details about the music. I didn't really know if this will happen in the end, but it did.

The album was meant to be more of a listening experience with no clear separation of tracks, but somewhere down the road, I started to change it, because I guess we don’t really listen to albums nowadays. And the album is meant for the dance-floors so it made more sense to have track after track. There was a lot of shuffling around with tunes and titles, but luckily I somehow rearranged it and when we also made an album artwork, everything fell together perfectly.

There isn't a lot to talk about the process. I was making music in my room and following ideas and sketches which I've had from the summer. It felt more like puzzles than making music.

Ok, but what would you say was the hardest part of the whole process?

Well finishing it and staying present throughout the whole time was surely a challenge, but if I had to put the spotlight on one thing, that would definitely be the mixing part. I've also had some mental blocks during the process and going through them, took me some time. On top of that, there were some technical issues with occasional plugin crashes and it even happened that I literally couldn’t make Ableton's projects working again.

I’ve also woke up several times in the morning and I remember thinking: "What is this?". So there were few rough days, but looking back on everything, it surely went more smoothly than I thought it will. In November, I started to meditate again regularly and that really helped me to get out of my own way while making music. Not just making music, it helps you find that underlying silence we all have. I still feel I kinda failed with the album, but okay.

Some artists say that creating an album is basically a "finish line" for them but we’re pretty sure that this won't be the case with you. What will you focus on next?

I’m already onto the next things. Of course, I’m looking forward to playing it out in DJ and live sets but for me, this chapter of making the first album is very much closed. It's something I really wanted to do and it's definitely not the last one. I guess I'll wait for some time before I'll start a new one.

What’s next? First I’m finishing two extended mixes because this is something people really love to listen and I love doing them. Wait... If I think about it, this might be the only thing I really listen to. And long ambient albums. I didn’t listen to other peoples music for almost three months and now it’s time to start discovering new music again.

And this is usually the start of something new for me...

A lot of people still don't know that the label where you'll release an album, Soundhitectures, is your label. Can you tell us a little bit more about this project?

I’ve started Soundhitectures at the end of 2014. At that time I was studying computer and information science and I couldn’t work on music as much as I'd like to. So I’ve started the label to tell stories and follow my own intuition with music that I believe in. At that time I was also extremely bored of electronic music that was happening around me and I just wanted to do something I can be excited about.

I could say that I was really into electronica with different influences, something for the dance-floors and around 100-110 bpm, but not strictly in the standard 4x4 beat. But you know, where we're from, if it’s not house or techno, you don’t exist. Soundhitectures is mostly just a SoundCloud channel where our music is uploaded to. You can download the music if you repost it and you can also buy the music at digital shops & our website if you want, so that’s pretty much it.

A lot of people don’t know about it because we’re not really promoting the label or its releases. I’ve found out that if the music is good and if the timing is right, you'll get peoples attention and they will listen. Like Paoli's music that was released on Soundhitectures. If that won't happen, well then there’s not much you can do about it. And it kinda reflects the state of where music is going right now. Make good music and be even better in front of people, everything else is secondary.

There's a lot of times when we think it's also something else,.. yes there are positions where you can get a lot of exposure, yes you have to present yourself right so people can understand what you're all about, yes sometimes you just have to be on the right time at the right place, yes there is a luck factor,.. but at the end I strongly feel that most of those things get in the way of the actual work and following your own intuition - and I feel that the music will always be first.

We all can feel it when that happens...

Thank's Evident for taking your time and sharing your thoughts with us. We wish you all the best with your album and further projects!

Thank you!

Evident - But All Those Beautiful

This track is one of the shortest on the album and it's a brilliant mixture of ambient with a pinch of melancholic, political and dreamy touch. Soft and warm pads are perfectly surrounded with a sampled choir, drum elements and rumbling bass-line, while guitar cuts bring out the organic movement. This isn't something you will hear on a dancefloor, but we're sure that it will found it's way in the sets and mixtapes.

All tracks on the album will premiere till release date on different Soundcloud channels around the world. These premieres are compiled in the playlist below:

By Saša, edited on 14 June 2018