Ewax with their fifth release

Ewax is a relatively fresh vinyl-only record label based in German electronic music epicentre - Berlin. The label had its first release last year and they've been delivering nothing but pure quality since then. After previously hosting tracks from artists such as Chris Stussy, Prunk, James Dexter, Katal, Swoy, Julien Sandre and others, Ewax has recently released their fifth record. This short but lovely milestone was reserved for UK's house producer TIJN. The release features two original tunes as well as remixes from Maik Yells and Carlos Sanchez.

TIJN - Mono EP

The first tune on the EP is called "Mono" and it definitely fits into Ewax catalogue with a deeper vibe and constant flow. The groove is gentle and smooth with a lovely warm jazzy kind of bassline that perfectly fits with mellow pads. The A2 slot is reserved for Spanish talent Carlos Sanchez and his remix. This one is more orientated toward uplifting dance-floor moments with a faster groove and more power. Swingy hi-hats are keeping everything in the right balance while melodic parts fill the spectrum with warmth.

B1 is where you can find another "Mono" remix, this time from Maik Yells. He kept the vibe of original with an extra push on the groove. The sub-bass gives the track a strong foundation while synth stabs and pads present more softer side of the tune. The closing track on the vinyl is yet another original called "Jazzy Horse". This one has a bit more dubby approach with sublines and occasional hypnotic synths. The whole track is a solid response towards previous three ones.

This release is undoubtedly proving that Ewax is slowly establishing as prolific house music record label with bright future. The EP was released 11th July and it has been already sold out via Juno Record. You can still purchase record on other vinyl online record stores such as Deejay.de (LINK).

By Saša, edited on 15 June 2018