Ex-Yu tickets for Lighthouse festival announced

This year’s season-opening for Croatia’s summer festival is officially starting with the Lighthouse festival, located in Poreč. Lighthouse is an underground electronic music festival from the creators of former Pratersauna, Vienna crew. Lineup includes Jeremy Underground, Martin Buttrich, Kim Ann Foxman, Rebekah Aff, Ian F, Portable aka Bodycode, Blondage, Gerd Janson, Lake people, ... with round 2 still to be announced. Lighthouse festival starts on the 26th and lasts until the 29th of May. They’ve invited additional communities from Italy, Slovenia, USA and South Africa, to merge the creative energy and network of different crews. The main goal is to launch a brand new and innovative festival concept on the breathtaking peninsula, right on the fine beaches of the Adriatic Sea. We can expect more of the ‘unexpected’ artists, so stay tuned. Since the Lighthouse crew wants to limit the number of visitors to create a unique family spirit, there are only 3000 tickets to purchase and we’re already in the last phase ‑ phase 4. As for Ex-Yu members, the tickets will be announced 2 weeks before the festival and are depending on the remaining capacity.

By Severin, edited on 26 May 2018