Festival Urbano Dejanje with its third edition

In a current era, where new Festivals are born almost every day, It's almost impossible to count them all. While Croatia is leading the festive happenings in the Ex-Yu region, Slovenia is slowly starting to host events that spread through a couple of days. Festival Urbane Kulture, StellarBeat, Halamoye Dance and Magnetik are just some of the Festivals that took place across beautiful Slovenian landscape. From all the different events, there's one that stands out for us - Urbano Dejanje.

Urbano Dejanje - 7 days of experiences

Festival Urbano Dejanje caught our attention three years ago when we've witnessed its first edition at Tobačna district in Ljubljana. The organisers surprised us with a smart concept and a great realisation. The Festival spans across seven days of music and activities that aim to unite the diversity offered by young and creative minds. From jazz, hip-hop, ethnic and all the way to electronic music, Urbano Dejanje hosts all.

In this years edition, the main stage will be located in the centre of Slovenian capital city - Congres square, where attendees will be able to enjoy music and performances from various groups such as Bad Copy, Zmelkoow, Čedahuči, Uroš Perič, Space Orchestra, Severa Gjurin and many others. Urbano Dejanje will open its doors each day at noon and for the next twelve hours, people will be able to enter the small urban world in the middle of Ljubljana filled with concerts and other unique activities. Klub K4 will host the official after hours from each day which brings this Festival on a whole new level.

Urbano Dejanje starts on Monday 7th August and lasts until 13th. Tickets for the Festival will vary from 2€ up to 7€, depends on the day and time of your arrival. Check out their web page for more information HERE.

By Saša, edited on 13 June 2018