Founders of Moondance Festival start their own label

After successfully founding and running Moondance Festival (located in the beautiful town of Trogir inside the Kamerlengo Fortress) it's founder shows no signs of slowing down. Well, known Croatian DJ and promoter Pero FullHouse is launching a vinyl first electronic music label which will show a lot of resemblance to the said festival. Moondance won the Ambassador award by as "The best Croatian festival organised by a local promoter".  

Moondance Festival is one of the rare regional festivals with more than 50% of local talent on the bill. Very impressive.

Moondance Records

The idea of the label is to maintain the purity in all the editions that will emerge from the label, and all ideas manifested into reality must show a lot of soul and commitment. As a team, they are constantly evolving their idea of purity into one of the best-structured techno festivals of the region. It comes as no surprise they will uphold their standards with their label, releasing music only from the talent they showcase on their stages. Seeing how they masterfully present all the regional music gurus and leaders of their own sound, including the top-notch international bookings we've seen headlining, we're excited to see how diverse the label's catalogue will be.

Italian techno - punk anarchists who call Berlin's Panorama their home will be the first act to break the silence. The Analogue Cops promise to deliver a lot of analogue sounds. "The Unicorn" EP is scheduled to drop at the beginning of 2017. Spring as the freshest of all seasons is bringing proliferation with a perpetual renewal of the natural circle. Everything comes back to life. Spring will also give birth to the imprint's second edition under the supervision of John Heckle.

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By Andrej, edited on 05 June 2018