Franck Roger with fresh release on his own Home Invasion

Paris born producer and DJ Franck Roger has long been a staple in the deep house scene for two decades now, making his mark via his own Real Tone and Home Invasion imprints as well as labels such as Versatile, Desolat, Circus Company, Planet E and Tsuba to name a few. His next release will be a four-track EP that includes three original tunes and an edit from Alexkid. The record will be released via Roger's own Home Invasion vinyl-only imprint which he uses as a platform to share his music as well as beats from Franck's friends such as D’Julz, Paolo Rocco, Julien Sandre and Carlos Sanchez.

Franck Roger - Lottus EP

Opening track "Lottus" follows Franck's trademark deep house sound based on hefty groove and mellow pads. Warm bass line slices through the drum rhythm while percussion sounds make the track a bit more organic. "A2" side is reserved for "Air" which presents a different listening experience. The uplifting groove is mixed with bell dongs and straightforward leads that will surely keep up the momentum on the dance-floor.

The b-sided tune "Christal" brings out laid-back grooves mixed with lovely melodics and glitchy vocal cuts. Mellow pads make the track a bit more relaxed which gives this EP great width. The last spot on the vinyl is reserved for Alexkid's edit of tune "My Name Is". His version maintains the organic momentum with delightful dubby stabs and synths that are softly mixed with a bit generic bass.

Lottus EP will be released in November as a vinyl only via Home Invasion. Franck Roger never really disappoints us with his music and his latest record is no exception.

By Saša, edited on 05 June 2018