Free Mega Drum Machines Collection for Kontakt

January is one of those months when a lot of DJ's decides to have less gigs and to either go on short vacations or to dedicate their time into studio sessions. Especially big superstar DJ's, that are touring most of their year, they tend to spend January in studio and working on material for the upcoming year. And what is the one thing that makes every producer happy? Well yeah, there are lots of things, but free samples are definitely somewhere on the top of the list. has decided to give away a huge drum machine collection that is suitable for Native's Instrument vst software - Kontakt. At first, this was a private collection but it soon evolved into something bigger. The library contains samples of about 150 old, vintage, obscure, rare and hard to find drum machines.

Package details

    • Each kit has been mapped in a General Midi format (more or less, many old drum machines only have 4-5 sounds)
    • Each kit has been divided into 5 groups: Kicks, Snares, Hats, Cymbals and Toms
    • Each Group has custom controls for tuning, panning and volume
    • Each kit has custom graphics

Even though this is a free library, it still took a large number of hours to prepare these kits. therefore support the artist and donate a small donation, 5 dollars suggested, via PayPal service. Follow the LINK to download the package and to gather other information.

By Saša, edited on 15 June 2018