The Garden Brewery X Sean Johnston present ''Love From Outer Space''

One of the most prominent selectors in the music industry and a member of the disco-dance community, Sean Johnston creates mesmerizing sound landscapes of slower rhythms, cosmic and psychedelic melodies. He grew up in Yorkshire, UK, and has performed at the best clubs in London, Berlin, French castles or the Croatian coast, however, his own production and legendary club evenings made him a world phenomenon.

The beginnings of ''Love From Outer Space'' reach all the way back to the 90s when Sean met Andrew and soon after they realized their common passion for disco music. The cosmic project is based on 25 years of collections from the two legendary music lovers, and stands for a lazy slowness in a fast time, never crossing 122bpm with progressive house, techno 90s, disco, psychedelia, krautrock, ambient, dub or un-disco.

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By Matic, edited on 30 May 2018