Getting ready for Berghain with BerghainTrainer

Okay, I guess we all know how strict the Berghain door policy can be.

It's there for a good reason: to maintain the standard & diverse crowd, for what the club is known for. And it makes perfect sense.

There are manuals, right answers and wrong ones, advice from the notorious doorman Sven Marquardt himself, but nothing is as amazing as interactive video website called Berghain Trainer.

It takes you all the way to the door, where you need to answer three questions correctly.

The bouncer asks them in German language and you're just standing there trying to muster something as he's piercing you with his eyes.

And it's not even the real Sven!

Avoid eye-contact, stay calm it all helps.

And it still might not work.

Make sure you can at least say "nein", "techno", "Marcel Dettmann, Ben Klock" (we can't really know who's playing, can we? Make something up). Your computer’s camera and microphone will analyze your facial expressions and voice, quantifying your levels of anger, sadness, euphoria and of how amazed you appear. It then calculates your answers with said levels and Sven lets you go. Home. Every time. Let us know if you've made it in the comments. In the video posted below you can find out more about Sven Marquardt, the bouncer and photographer.

By Andrej, edited on 25 July 2018