Yes. The iconic club in Ljubljana Klub K4 is hosting a residency called 'Gibanica' (which is no joke nor is it a cake), which serves as a testing ground for unknown artists as well as promoting home-made music. They've released a compilation with only the freshest underground electronic music. Out of more than 70 submissions, the jury finally decided upon releasing 14 tracks  As explained, the project aims to present local avant-garde artists in all fields of electronic music and other urban genres alike. On the CD, there are various musicians ranging from ambient-chillout, bass, house, techno to even hardcore techno.

K4 Compilation: Gibanica was the first ever opportunity for Bossu, Bad Lark, Mitac, Skull Basher, IKAS (Rokko & Rourus) and Utti to get their music out there. Other more renowned and experienced artists like Vid Vai, Mind Machines, Softskinson, Freeverse, Wichiwaka, Tione, Some1Else and Blaz Pavlica also appear on the compilation. Iztok Turk took care of the final mix. If we had to pick our favourite track from the bundle, it would have to be 'Occasions' by Bossu.

Gibanica was published in a print run of 300 CDs and can be purchased at Klub K4 or at The Central Station for merely 5 €. The amount is intended to fully cover the costs of this project, which is doing a swell job supporting young local artists. We are clearly supporting projects like this!! Some of the artists from the compilation will grace the decks of K4 on the 16th of December. Yes, we're giving away a free compilation. It consists of some of the hottest new talents in Ljubljana and a free ticket which will be handed to you personally at the door of the club until 1.00.

Here's how you can win a ticket and a free copy of Gibanica!!

  • attend the event on Facebook - name your favourite track from the compilation in the comment section of our post
  • like and share our post and let your friends know you support your local scene  

That's it. Sharing is caring. And we really do care about our local artists. It's a win-win situation. Thank you for participating and good luck!

By Andrej, edited on 05 June 2018