Gloved Hands with EP on Soundhitectures

The newest release from Soundhitectures is an EP from California-based musician, Gloved Hands. The US artist has been relatively new to house and techno production but no stranger to making music. The EP, Western Fence, features four original tracks, each saturated with soothing, hazy pads, crunchy drums, buoyant melodies, and ample groove. A feeling of warmth and yearning can be felt throughout the EP while the nostalgic yet tasteful samples are employed to maximize emotion without becoming tired or saccharine. Western Fence is just as suitable for the dance floor as it is for a solitary night drive.


Gloved Hands - Say Things

Gloved Hands - That Can't Be

Gloved Hands - Making Me Laugh

Gloved Hands - Ice Cream

By Saša, edited on 02 July 2018