HECTOR:"Hard work really does pay off!"

Hector, a world-wide known, DJ and label owner, is representing the Mexican flavour in the electronic music community. Since 2015, his project Vatos Locos, where he managed to craft a unique blend of experienced artists mixed with talented newcomers, has become one of the most exciting ones. From Sunwaves in Romania, BPM festival in Portugal, Off Week in Barcelona, CDV in Berlin and all the way to sunny Ibiza, these are just some of the regular venues for Hector and his crew.

What is in your music and personality the most Mexican about you?

I try to keep my Mexican roots strong and present through my Vatos Locos concept. From the way, I brand the clothing and merchandise, the décor at the parties with the traditional Mayan skulls, the artwork for the releases and events, and of course the vibe and family spirit within the crew. My mother and grandmother taught me to have a strong work ethic, to work hard for the things you want to succeed in. Hard work really does pay off! I also still drink tequila every time I play. 

What excites you the most nowadays when it comes to travelling the world and spreading your music?

What excites me the most now is putting on the Vatos Locos showcases at different locations around the world. To watch how far we have come from a modest party on the beach at BPM. We get to present the party the way we want to present it, curate the lineups and showcase incredible DJs in the crew and beyond. Showing people what we are all about musically, and as a vibe. It’s still great to catch up with old friends and DJs that I used to play with regularly when I performed large events and festivals. I’ve also built up strong relationships with promoters that have booked me since my early days, they became good friends, and so I love playing for their parties.

Vatos Locos: what was the proudest, craziest or just out of ordinary moment of you joining forces with your friends spreading your music and vibe?

At Sunwaves festival in Romania last year Vatos Locos ran unexpectedly for 24 hours. The vibe we created was so bombing, that they just let us play on and on. It was great to see friends, old and new, who had come to party with us after they had finished their sets, promoters we have worked with and even our friends at BPM who helped us launch the concept 4 years previously. We were surrounded by amazing people on the dancefloor and behind the decks. It was a very special moment for us.

You’ve already been partying with an Innocent crew in Slovenia in 2014. Any nice memories or are they already lost in the haze of your never-ending tour?

I’ll never forget this gig! I was living in Berlin at the time, and I had to fly to Vienna and get picked from there to go to Slovenia by car. Before getting to Vienna I injured my back (I don’t know how) and I could barely move, let alone pick up my record bag. We drove all through the mountains, which was beautiful, but also very painful for my back so I couldn’t really appreciate it. But, as soon as I got to the club and saw this dark box with an amazing sound system filled with people, I forgot about my back and had an amazing gig.

Any special plans for this summer?

We have our Vatos Locos summer residency at Club Der Visionaere Berlin for the third year running, BPM Portugal, showcases in South America, and a couple of surprises in Ibiza this summer! I also just launched a new label called VLack, which is for me to experiment with darker sounds that I'm enjoying producing right now, and there will be a special series of EP's coming throughout the next year from me on this label.

By Saša, edited on 15 June 2018