HedZup Records with their first vinyl only release

HedZup is a fresh brand owned by Wlad. The project started last year with several events in France capital city Paris, which lead to creating a record label. The label's first release comes from Wlad & Damien Badey featuring Hector Moralez. This vinyl only release consist of two original tracks and two remixes from Julien Sandre and Juliche Hernandez.

A Side

Track A1 "Big City Lights" is a proper peak time stomper with strong sub bass and solid drum groove. There is also an interesting add-on to this track. We can't really tell whether it is a truck or a train (or something similar) horn but it definitely gives the tune something extra. The A2 side is another original track called "Business Night". This tune is nicely built around pumping groove that is perfectly balanced with 909 hi-hats. Rolling bass-line and rough kick are making sure that the low end of the track is properly working.

B Side

B side of this release is reserved for two splendid remixes of track "Business Night". Julien Sandre, who's also an owner of Blind Box record label, did a great job of adding more energy and groove that is smoothly mixed with powerful bass-line. The last track on this vinyl, and also our favourite one, is a perfect remix from Juliche Hernandez. He wrapped his remix into a warm deep house tune with subtle background pads and smooth bass-line. Vocal cuts and synth inserts are working perfectly with the rest of the track.
Overall this is a solid first release of this newborn label, with four tracks that could easily fit in our DJ bag. This vinyl will be available in December, so check out the vinyl online shops for the precise release date. We're looking forward to seeing what this label has to offer in the future.  
By Saša, edited on 15 June 2018