Hibrid with new EP on his own imprint

Submarine Vibes is one of the most consistent labels within Ex-Yu territory. Their next release is the first Remix Edition EP of the track "Flower The Black" which was produced by Hibrid. After releasing his debut album Izgubljeni (Lost) which gained a lot of success, label's boss invited his friends to remix one of his singles.

Hibrid - Flower The Black EP

The original tune contains Hibrid's signature sound full of emotions which are nicely layered with organic drum sounds. The guitar solo adds a personal touch which translates into a peaceful yet powerful tune.  The first remix comes from German DJ/producer Martin Roth who added a bit more roughness in his version. He kept the wonderful guitar solo in a combination with solid groove and simple bass sound. Franz Alice Stern stepped up his game with a few extra bpm's and sharper groove which moves his remix towards techier sounds. Soft pads are perfectly combing with shuffling hi-hats and acid kind of stabs.

Marcus Sur's version keeps the momentum of original with a pinch of edginess that gives the track its drive. The organic groove is combined with a lead riff that completes the bass line. Atonic, also known as Ajnspric, adds his "old-school" vibe in his interpretation of the original. While breakdown brings less tension, it's the drop that releases all the power.

This release continues the series of quality releases from Submarine Vibes. Flower The Black EP is available via Beatport HERE.

By Saša, edited on 15 June 2018