Hibrid presents his album "Izgubljeni" featuring two videos

Izgubljeni (Lost) is a debut album made by a Bosnian producer known as Hibrid. It consists of 12 tracks which defy genre classification and are thus most easily described as experimental electronica. With a unique atmosphere and lush, emotional melodies, Hibrid colourfully communicates the sense of being lost in the chaos of modernity, searching for a way out and a solution. He gives us a critical outlook on some of the harmful tendencies of the world we inhabit.

Two tracks that might be of special interest to all the clubgoers are "Nightbird" and "Flower the Black", as they fuse Hibrid's experimental approach to songwriting with the more traditional form of electronic dance music.  With Lost, Hibrid has crafted his most mature piece yet, showing us that the boundaries of electronic music can still be pushed.

Album Youtube Playlist:

Production of an album and music videos was done by a group of the young creative people of Submarine Vibes. Featured guests include Belma Zvizdic, Amina Kovacevic (vocals) and Adnan Salihovic (guitars). All of the music and lyrics were done by Hibrid. Mixing and mastering were done by Studio Chelia (Mirza Tahirovic and Esad Rebihic). All of the tracks are accompanied by dedicated artwork and corresponding stories written by Hibrid. The artwork was done by Mehemed Meša Mešanović.

Submarine Vibes is a project that has been made by young, creative and ambitious people who are trying to, by doing what they love, create quality domestic products sailing through music, design and marketing zones of interest.

By Andrej, edited on 13 June 2018