I Am Different is a newborn record label from Serbia

The electronic music scene is truly becoming an over-saturated market. In order to stand out from the crowd, you have to be unique. Or your "product" quality should be on an extremely high level. A newborn label I Am Different from Serbian DJ and producer, Veljko Jovic, is maybe one of those trying their best to be different.

I Am Different Record Label

Started out as a cluster of ideas in a constant search for a different kind of sound and an artistic view of the world. It was only formed in 2016. This record label presents the real culture of electronic music through their releases while supporting the idea of difference, equality and originality. The label searches for unique artists and musicians. The label has space and time for anyone who has anything special to show, for those who are ready to embrace that in the right way, and for those who are prepared to step out of all established boundaries for the sake of art. The label will find you if you suit their sound.

So far, the label had releases from artists such as RanchaTek, Fabian Jakopetz, DJ Veljko Jovic, TKNO, Worda, HP Source. Tim Jackman, Criminish, LAKAC, DJ Formick, Space Motion, Vontech, Andrew Meller and many others. RanchaTek & DJ Veljko Jovic at Label's first Showcase // The End Club, Novi Sad; Serbia.

IAD008 TKNO - Dragon Eyes

The labels last release of the year will be from one of labels favourite artists, TKNO. "Dragon Eyes" is an original tune which comes with two solid remixes from Worda and HP Source. The release will be available from 29th December through all major digital stores. It's already been supported by big names such as Joseph Capriati, Luigi Madonna, Cristian Varela, Ritchie Hawtin, Paco Osuna and many others.

We've had the opportunity to listen to all three tracks. The original track has a little bit more power, which is nicely combined with a slight melancholic feeling that drives you throughout the track. Worda's remix has a lovely groove that is surrounded by pads and synths that provides the track with its emotions. The last remix, which comes from HP Source, is an uplifting version of original with kind of "trancy" elements. Overall this is a solid package of techno tunes which could potentially work well on the dance-floors.
It's too soon to say whether IAD will be one of the labels to have what it takes to truly stand out from the average grey area. The label's name already insists just that, but we shall see what the future holds for them.
By Andrej, edited on 05 June 2018