I Am Different now accepts demo submissions

One of the youngest local record labels, I Am Different, has recently decided to finally start accepting demo submissions. After their launch which was roughly a year and a half ago, the label managed to deliver more than fifteen releases and they've decided to take the next step.

Send Your Best Tunes

"Last year was a great one for our label due to many different reasons. We have succeeded in bringing together many talented and valuable artists around us, announcing a number of great releases, presenting our artists and sound on as many as ten showcases while also organizing a mini international tour on the label's first birthday. I think it's the right time to move on, to bring in new names and to give the opportunity to everyone who wants to be with us." - Veljko Jovic; I Am Different founder and owner.

Select your best tunes and send them over to their demo submission address which you can find HERE.

By Saša, edited on 30 May 2018