Ilian Tape showcase: Zenker Brothers are coming to Blender, Belgrade

September 16, Blender will bring us international guests, underground techno purveyors, founders of the influential label "Ilian Tape" and representatives of the authentic Berlin sound - Zenker Brothers!

Dario and Marko Zenker are brothers from Munich and, in addition to their virtuosity as DJs, are excellent producers. They approach music in a special way. They believe it takes time for it to mature, that is why they carefully select artists they invite into their "Ilian Tape" family.


They are very inspiring creators both individually and as a duo. The boys are constantly surprising us with their work. In the past ten years, they've had their music signed onto "Tresor" and "Frozen Border" next to issuing releases for their own imprint. Their way of slowly thrusting into the techno scene culminated in debut album "Immersion". It depicts a unique atmosphere of interesting rhythmic patterns intertwined with powerful synthesis. They simply spent the last decade transforming techno music. And they sure did it!

Supporting them will be Regen - one of the early forces of the regional techno scene, and also one of most prominent DJs and producers with an enviable foreign career. He always nurtured a specific darker sound that he built a new style of performance. His innovation was also recognized by the Zenker brothers themselves who appropriated it in their "Ilian Tape" community. Regen project is focused on a dubby side of both house and techno genres. Of course with a unique approach to early dub techno classics of the early '90s.

If you have been impatiently waiting for the REAL DEAL then the time is NOW. Purchase your ticket through Eventim Srbija or Gigstix network from 690 RSD. More info on the event page.

By Andrej, edited on 05 June 2018