Interview: GotSome

In an amazingly short space of time, he has clocked up a series of achievements and career highlights that place him one step ahead of most of his peers and affirm his position as the leader of a new generation of talented British producers. Adam's early diet of pirate radio and sneaking into raves before he was the right age set him on the pathway to his current success and birthed GotSome's unique mixture of old-school elements and modern production.

Names like Basement Jaxx, The Prodigy, J Dilla, Switch, Bugz In The Attic, Roni Size, MJ Cole and DJ Die have inspired the sound that emanates from GotSome's Bristol studio.

Adam's skills have already spawned a slew of bass-heavy, dance floor destroyers including 'Bassline', championed by Radio 1's B.Traits and Annie Mac and signed to Defected Records with a huge package of remixes from house legend Kenny Dope, Friend Within, Chus + Ceballos and Chocolate Puma.

After quite successful 2016 which brought GotSome a collaboration with the "Godfather of Grime" Wiley, he started this year with a release on Danny Howard's Nothing Else Matters. His "Mystify" EP, which was released at the beginning of June via Love & Other, gained support from various big names across the scene.

This was your fourth performance at Hideout Festival. What are your impressions?

I love Croatia and the Festival is constantly progressing so I’m really enjoying being here. It’s also nice to come here and see so many people from UK, Croatia and other countries just partying and listening to good music.

For the last couple of years, Croatia and especially Zrče Beach are getting more and more compared to Ibiza. What do you think of that?

I have to agree on that. I’ve spent a lot of time in Ibiza and I can see a lot of similarities. The weather and the food here is amazing!

Speaking of weather… It wasn’t as good as previous years.

Aww yeah… We were lucky since we had the boat party on Tuesday when it was sunny and calm water. I’ve played with My Nu Leng and Chris Lorenzo which are all my friends so we really had a great time. It was perfect!

Let’s move back a bit. You’ve had your first release back in 2013 with Defected Records. Lots of producers want to release there, but you’ve had their support from your early beginnings. How much has this affected you?

The story is quite crazy. At the time, we made a song called “Bassline”. That was more than three years ago and I gave it to few people but no one really knew who we were. B. Traits started playing the tune and she filled in for Pete Tong one Friday, so everyone heard it on Radio 1, imagine that! I got called the next day from Defected A&R that they’ve heard the track while driving in the taxi to a show. We arranged everything quickly and it was done, just like that. It was crazy! We never really knew that it was going to be this big. We just made it and it was great fun; it’s kind of what I do.

It was obviously a great push for you guys…

Yeah absolutely! To have a label so big in house music to support your music, that’s just a dream and it’s kind of crazy.

Since GotSome is no longer a duo for some time now. Is it a lot different when it comes to studio time?

Yeah, it’s a little different, because now, I work with so many people on various projects and that way I keep it interesting and progressing, you know? I can’t stay the same because it quickly became stagnant and boring.

What do you have lined for the rest of the year?

I’m doing the second release on Danny Howard’s label Nothing Else Matters where I’ve just had a single out called “I Don't Know”. I’ve made this track together with Lisa Kekaula who’s the singer from Basement Jaxx so go and check this track out. I’ve also released “Mystify” EP on Love & Other which is actually a sub-label from Toolroom Records. I’m also doing a release on This Ain’t Bristol which is a label owned by Billy Kenny & Maximono which is another wicked label. The label is based in Hannover where I’ve played recently and the vibe is just like in Bristol, how cool is that?

For us, it’s quite hard to describe genres. Where would you fit yourself?

I’m in a very weird place since I’m in between grime and bass music with some techno influence. It’s just in the middle of all these and that’s also the sense of Bristol because I come from jungle, drum 'n' bass and even hip-hop and that’s what I try to put together… I’ve also started a new alias as well which is going to be appearing and it’s still quite a secret so I’ll have to keep my mouth shut for now haha

Right now Tech House and Techno are dominating the world of 'underground' scene and we can hear it everywhere. What do you think it’s going to be the next big thing?

I’m hoping to hear more of a percussion-driven sound and just keeping everything tribal, you know? I’m really getting bored of straight rhythms and I want to be stimulated musically with the drums. I want to see guys and especially girls moving their bodies. Right now, a lot of women are finding that hard, since everything is so stagnant and there’s no rhythm to move to. It also happened at Drum’N’bass parties, and it stopped girls going to them. We need to make sure that the music is good so that girls will dance too, then everyone will be happy.

Bristol is an important part of England’s musical culture, lots of great musicians are from there. How would you compare it to London per se?

When I was a kid, my mum took me to Reggae and Hip Hop concerts where I could saw LL Cool J, Massive Attack and others. You know, Bristol is kind of a melting pot, where loads of different cultures such as Indian, Jamaican, Somalian,… comes together; everything is there. So if you’re interested in, you’re going to hear it and absorb it. The main difference is, that Bristol has closer and more supportive network. So if you’re doing something cool, people are going to support you and help you. But you have to do something first, that’s really important. We’ve got a good crew and a family and if you’re on a right time and place, you’ll be pushed. The other thing is that we move really quickly with our music. Sometimes that’s a good thing, while other times it’s a negative one. How do you manage to balance studio time with touring around?

Well every now and then, I take time off and focus on creating music. If I don’t do that, I feel down and I don’t like that. For me, it’s really important. Whenever I make music, that makes me happy.

When an artist comes to a certain point, labels start requesting for music. Do you still send demos out?

Yes, of course. It’s a bit different now because I really want to work with my friends. That’s something that’s really important for me. And then maybe next year I’d like to start my own label and to have my own musical family. Recently, is quite hard for my music to be placed in a way. So that makes me wanna build my own thing…

Is that just a quick thought or an actual idea?

I don’t know… We’re talking about it now you know, so maybe next year when you see me the label will be there already. I’m really into it and I really want to get it going.

By Andrej, edited on 15 June 2018