Jack Wickham: "My studio motivation comes in waves."

Jack Wickham is one of the most prolific British house exports of recent time. Carving out his own unique style he delivers music that not only captures your attention but demands it.

A string of releases on well-known record labels such as Drumma, One Records, Fuse, and Eastenderz opened the doors for him to many renowned world clubs. Having been fans of Jack's work for a while now, we've only gone and decided to bring Jack Wickham to our very own SOLVD party which will go down on March 17th in Klub K4. With all this in mind, we checked in with Jack recently for a quick chat, as he gave us the lowdown on his relationship with One Records head-honchos and about his affiliation with the emerging label. We also touched upon his favorite pieces of kit and talked about all things music.We also asked Jack a bit about his personal life outside of music...

Hi Jack! Can you describe current whereabouts?

Hi there! I'm currently based in Leeds, U.K.

Last year has seen you playing all over the place. What were your 2017 highlights? Were there any parties that really stood out?

Two personal highlights were opening the year with a gig at Fabric. It had recently had new pioneer sound system installed and it sounded amazing. It was a joy to play! Also playing for Fuse for the first time at one of their Infuse parties at 93 feet east.

Many artists come from different backgrounds. How did it all start for you? How did you know that you wanted to become a DJ?

I grew up around people who were Djing and playing really good house/techno music. It was as it turns out, life-changing for me as I knew it was something I wanted to do. It became a hobby/obsession. Eventually, it became a job for me which is really cool. I still get the same buzz from music as I did when I first heard it from my friends in the beginning.

Speaking about the production side of music. You've managed to craft your own unique sound which has received a lot of amazing feedback and support from well-respected artists. How do you approach music you are creating these days? Could you also guide us through your studio setup?

I currently have a Moog Mother 32, Nord Lead, MPC and a few other little bits. I'm looking to add a few new additions soon as well. My studio motivation comes in waves. For example, some weeks I have so many ideas and I won't leave the studio for a full week. But then other weeks I won't have any inspiration and I'll take some time away and head back when I'm refreshed and ready with new inspiration.

Being a resident at one of the most prominent labels out there… One Records has been a very important label for your career and development. What’s it been like working with the guys?

It's been a privilege to work with Adam & Subb-an. I first started sending them music when I was like 17/18 years old. Now I'm 24 and we've been working together ever since. They've become two of my closest friends as well which is really nice. We have some great parties coming this year as well as my debut EP after so many years. That's due for release at the end of March.

If it's not a secret, what was the last digital track/vinyl record that you've bought? Aside from buying music for "work purposes", what sort of music do you listen to in your spare time?

The last record I bought was a white label from the Ghost record shop/van in Berlin. I'm not sure who the artist is but the tracks are a bomb. The last digital track I bought was from Paul Walter. One of his early releases. I listen to a lot of different stuff in the car, at home etc. Ranging from 90's sort of hip-hop with the likes of Biggie, Nas etc through to Motown/Swing, Oasis, Arctic Monkeys, Amy Winehouse and many more.

You successfully combine both formats, but you've previously mentioned (in one of your previous interviews) that you'd love to play live. How is that coming along?

I haven't made any sort of progress with the live aspect yet. It's something I love to watch but it will be a few years until I would maybe do something.

Whats keeping you busy between the bookings? Can you shed some light on how you're able to maintain such levels of productivity as a DJ and producer besides being a dad at your young age?

I have a great routine when it comes to my work & my little girl. She's recently started school so it gives me plenty of time during the day to get my work done and so I'm prepared for the weekend if I have gigs. But luckily she's one of the nicest little girls I've ever met. She's a joy to be around and brings me a lot of inspiration to keep doing my best for her and myself.

What's in store for your fans in the span of next couple of months? What are your hopes for the future?

I have my debut EP coming on One Records as I mentioned above. Followed by a release on YYY. Then I have my own label coming towards the end of the year and also a second EP on Infuse. Really excited for those!

You will also be playing at our very own SOLVD party, what can we expect from a Jack Wickham show at the moment? How do you prepare/select your music for a gig?

I always prepare for any situation, especially if I haven't been to the country, city, venue before. So for example, it's my first time coming to Slovenia and playing at Klub K4. I'll be preparing a lot of different music. I've bought a lot of new records recently as well as receiving some great new music from close friends, so I'm very excited to play.

Thanks for your time and see you this Saturday!


By Andrej, edited on 01 June 2018