Interview: Rumours

Rumours is a band that consists of three members - Mark, Fede & Marion. The project is a cosmopolitan mixture of Italian, Norwegian and UK flavour, which certainly doesn’t fail to leave a mark on the trio’s much-loved sound. Blending electronic production with emotive songwriting, a key ingredient of Rumours’ sound is Mark & Marion’s intertwining voice: Vulnerable yet grounded in a unique sound hard to pigeonhole.

Since its inception, the band has turned heads across the board: From picking up esteemed blog support (Pigeon & Planes, Complex, Indie Shuffle) to packed shows in London (including Koko, Village Underground, and a sold-out show at Archspace) – not to mention playing a to a sell-out crowd at Parkteatret in Oslo too. We spoke with them about their career, upcoming project and their summer gig at Dimensions Festival in Croatia.

Hi, guys! Where are you currently and what are you up to?

Hello! We are based in London, living all together on the north-east side of the city. Right now though, our singer Marion is in Svalbard, the most northern inhabited place on earth... We are currently working on new music, as always, and we’re just about to release our new single “Hunter”.

You’ll perform at Dimensions Festival in Croatia this summer. Is this your debut performance in Croatia? 

It is our debut performance there and we couldn’t have asked for a better place and festival to introduce our project to Croatia! 

The festival is getting bigger and better each year. How does it feel to be a part of such great lineup?

We are really proud of being involved with this festival, the names on the bill and the great reputation Dimensions have, make us feel that this is one of the most important performances we’ve been booked for so far.

How do you prepare your Festival set in comparison to the club one?

Our set is very suitable for both situations in our opinion. The way it builds up allows the audience to familiarise with our sound and for us to create an atmosphere at first, then we lead them smoothly into a very much more up-tempo finale. Trying to win people's attention at first and then we get them to dance has been working for us so far! So we could say we’re not planning on changing it too much on this occasion. We will definitely try to keep it as fluent and engaging as possible so to have a great party with the Dimensions’ crowd. 

Would you say that the crowd is different at a festival in comparison to a regular show?

We are only taking our first steps when it comes to playing at festivals, but we could say that people are there to have a great time, period. So it might feel a bit scarier at first, cause a lot more people, who don’t know you, are attending and you also want to prove that you are worthy. Once you get it going, festivals’ crowds can be much more uninhibited and ready to have a blast. We’ve all attended Outlook festival before so we also know that the amazing location definitely helps to set the right vibe!!

Let’s talk about your new single, Hunter. Can you tell us a little bit about the creational process behind it and where did you get the inspiration from?

The creational process has been similar to all our songs... It started from the core of the song, with toplines and chord progressions, then it’s been arranged and produced to a final version. The only difference with “Hunter” has been that we’ve had this song in the drawer for quite a while before deciding it was going to be released as a single, so we tried a few different arrangements before finding what felt like “the one”. As for inspiration regarding the meaning of the song, it often comes from personal experiences and everyday life.

How do you all maintain your creative passion for music?

We listen to a lot of music, both records and live. We try to write a lot and be as consistent as possible and by collaborating with other artists. Music is like therapy to us, it keeps us inspired and full of energy, it’d be really hard to walk away from it.

Who tends to take the lead within the group with projects, or is it very much a balanced collaborative project?

We found a very nice balance between us, where we all have different strengths and weaknesses so we try to complement each other; even though it’d be fair to say that Fede (producer and drummer) has taken lead in many tasks and situations that we’ve encountered is an independent project, kind of self-managing really, and he is directing the live show as well as playing in it.

Since your music is a mixture of different genres, do you find that some tracks work better in some countries rather than other ones?

It’s a bit early for us to say really, we haven’t played in that many countries yet. As for now, we could say that in our live shows in the UK and Norway people seemed to really enjoy the more up-tempo tracks while in Italy probably the opposite. Streaming wise they all seem to work fairly equally, especially in the US.

Last but not least. Can you tell us what are your plans for the future?

For now, we will keep releasing music, try to collaborate with great artists and keep performing live in as many places as possible. We’ll see where that takes us.. Can’t wait to be in beautiful Croatia again!!! See you there soon :)

By Saša, edited on 15 June 2018