SVEN WEISEMANN: "Do your thing with passion and realness."

Sven Weisemann is an elusive mixer of Detroit techno, Chicago house and electronica full of romance and dubby mysticism. On top of that, he’s also a keen jazz composer and classically trained multi-instrumentalist, which reflects in the completeness of his productions and very sensual output. Catch him in Klub K4 Ljubljana this Friday. For a full Synaptic experience on the dancefloor Nitram, Symann, Zergon, Utti, and Nitz will support his return to Ljubljana’s loudest cellar after long seven years.

You've already performed at Klub K4 in 2010. Did you make any friends and/or was that experience good enough you've remembered something or is everything lost in haze moving fast from gig to gig as DJs usually do?

I remember it very well actually. :) Great vibe and a lovely open-minded crowd, was such a fun with local crew and people on the dancefloor. I remember I’ve taken them on a journey through proper house, dub and atmospheric techno stuff and in between some deep stuff as well ... That's why I'm so happy to be back finally. It was too long.

Your sound is very fine-tuned, precise and clear and you are also known to be a very disciplined person. But would electronic music, especially the one that is not in the mainstream, be so exciting and evolving all the time if there were no debauchery and little mistakes made in studio, at least from time to time?

Of course! Mistakes can also quickly develop into positive ones. For example: when I sometimes create a track or a remix and I send it to the label guys, I get a response: “Ah it is great, but it doesn't fit so well into our concept.” I usually respond to it by starting a new sketch and in the end, the new idea is much better, but that would not have happened without the comment before. Nobody is perfect. It's all about how you are handling stuff like that to be balanced.

Your sound (at least what you represent under your name) is very Detroit and Chicago defined. Why are you so attracted to those sounds? Electronic music comes in many shapes, sizes and colors, but it seems you’re most fascinated with what are historically two of the earliest variations of electronic music.

Ah not really, I play really everything. It just has to touch me. It doesn't matter if it is jazzier, soul, Detroit or whatever... The most important for me is to be able to create the flow in the mix, especially when I cross over between styles... But you can't learn that in two weeks. It's all about the experience of years and the important thing is always to read the crowd...

You’re a versatile musician, multi-instrumentalist, jazz composer and a DJ – though I don’t hear that much jazz or classical influences in your sets (I do in releases as Xino). Do you deliberately separate these music worlds or do classic and jazz training come more in play with your other electronic projects, such as Jouem and Phidias?

Jazzy stuff is always in my sets but not so much classical stuff of course... I use the most elements of classical music in productions under Jouem alias or in my Desolate projects and sometimes even in my own Weisemann productions. I love to combine everything but it has to be balanced. For example, check out my tune “Xine Zero” - it's a mix of Parrish, Herbert, Weisemann with harp, cello, flute, sax and piano sounds together with dub elements...

You have a fingerprint sound, there is a common thread to what you play and release as Sven Weisemann. What’s the element in music you mostly rely upon the studio and mixing music in a club (beat, bass line, harmony, atmosphere…)?

EVERYTHING. I always go with the flow to create tunes. Only at the, I decide if the result fits into Jouem, Phidias or Desolate story. I like it to combine different sound cosmoses in my particular way to bring them together into a new level and to create new sound colors or college but I have no master plan when I sit in a studio. The most important thing for every artist is to do your thing with passion and realness.

It’s been 20 years since you’ve started deejaying. What did you learn about life, love, and music in this time? Please share with us a piece of advice, a thought or a reflection, which you can express with a sentence or two.

Oh wow, what a question. :) I would say a lot. It doesn't matter if it was positive or negative vibes, we learn and experience different things all the time... That's why we are who we are in the end. As a musician, an artist or a human being in general, you will learn something new every day. That's life. Thank you. No problem. See you on Friday in Ljubljana. Can't wait!

By Gregor, edited on 15 June 2018