Interview with The Willers Brothers about their career, Berlin and much more.

Manchester-born now Berlin-based producers, DJ’s and siblings The Willers Brothers have been steadily on the rise in the realms of the stripped-back, underground house click over the past few years. Coming from a musical background with heavy influences of Hip Hop and Drum & Bass, it was just almost a natural progression into house music which happened around 2011.

After breaking into the London’s club scene at a very early stage in their career, they managed to hold down a residency at one of the cities best-known nightclubs EGG LDN. They held this down for 4 years before making the move to German's capital.

Their tunes found its ways to imprints such as PIV, Beste Freunde, EWAX, Scenario & We_R House just to mention few while gathering support from the likes of Enzo Siragusa, East End Dubs, Ferro, Fabe and many more. The steady progress in the productional world opened many new doors which lead them to perform in clubs and venues such as Watergate, IPSE, Tresor, Pacha Barcelona, Space Ibiza, Zoo Project Ibiza, Propaganda club Moscow and more. 

It's surely an exciting time for the brothers although they have made their mark firmly in the underground scene. We invited them for a lovely chat about their career so far, their gigs and much more. 

Hi Lads, How’s life in Berlin?

Yeah, all good! We had a decent summer with some nice gigs around Europe, and Sean was back in London quite a lot, but now its time to get back to the studio for those cold winters day.

We're quite curious to know how two brothers from the UK ended doing electronic music together? There aren't that man "family" duos in the underground world. 

We’ve always been best friends which helped a lot! Plus when we bought our first decks back in 2012, we were living together, so always practising together and eventually when we started being booked for gigs, it felt natural to play together...

You've replaced your hometown Manchester with the German capital city. How did the move come about?

At the time we were working with EGG in London and we did a Beste Modus party at the club, we met Cinthie's Beste's crew which was our opening into the Berlin scene. We started coming over every month to visit then started playing a few gigs and it really just felt like the right thing to do. Berlin gives you a sense of freedom as an up and coming creative that I don’t think many other places in the world do. 

Looking back on the decision now, how much did you benefit from that move? Do you think that your career wouldn't be in such a position if you'd stayed in the UK?

Yeah, we definitely benefited a lot from the move. It gave us the opportunity to move away from our residency in London and start building a profile through our music. We also learnt so much more about the industry from being over here.

What’s your studio like guys? 

Pretty basic. We use Ableton with a few machines, TR8, Native Instruments, MIDI and we're also in the process of getting the Tanzbar. Then we have loads of great VSTs like the Roland SH101, 808, 909, which we run through the Arturia Beatstep Pro, then for a lot of our parts, we run them through SoundToys, a real big fan of their plugins. Also, we sample a lot!

Speaking about the studio time, how do you approach producing new beats? Do you always go to the studio together or do you work separately as well?  

Yeah always together. We get an idea along with some parts we sampled and start putting it down, I (Sean) usually do the drums and bass and Liam does the hooks and riffs!

You guys had quite some nice releases on labels such as Scenario, we_r_house and others. Could you take us through your future releases? 

Yes! So we've just had one track on the PIV ADE sampler including some great tracks from Black Loops, Chris Stussy and Prunk, then we have an EP on Quality Vibe Records coming on vinyl, after that early next year we have an EP on Sante’s AVOTRE including a remix from Rich NxT and last but not least, an EP on AMA with a remix from the legend Marko Nastic. We are just getting together the rest of next years schedule, but we’ve got a lot of good stuff coming up in 2019. 

You've just performed your debut in Stockholm, Sweden. What do you have planned in for the rest of this year?

It was a lovely weekend in Sweden indeed. After that, we have London, Manchester, Bristol, Amsterdam and of course Berlin lined up ahead. We just moved over to PIV for our bookings too and those guys have been amazing, so next year is looking even more exciting. 

When it comes to your career, what would you say are your current biggest challenges? 

The politics and the business side of the industry plus people taking it far too seriously and forgetting it should just be about music and fun! That's why we started, so sometimes it's hard being surrounded by a few people who aren't in it for the right reasons or are focused on their image etc. 

By Saša, edited on 01 November 2018