Interview with Time Traveler after his abstract LP 'I'm Made Of Stars'

Michele Pinna is an Italian techno producer, who recently launched a new LP called 'I’m Made of Stars' under his fresh moniker and alter ego Time Traveler. LP was released on the 30th of September on his new label ‘Chronicles Diary’. It presents Michele’s abstract and futuristic work inspired not only by galaxies, space and time, but also by visual arts and fashion. Pinna has a rich background as an illustrator and street artist, that is why he personally took care of visual image of his album which will stand as his personal artistic diary or 'Journal' if you like. The LP was followed by the first wave of remixes which also came out on the 14th of October. Great remix performances from Brian Sahnaji, Black Asteroid, Bas Mooy and DJ Hyperactive who are also Michele's friends and among his favorite artists.

"The resulting album is a twisting sci-fi journey invoking images of a dystopian galactic future. Pinna takes techno and filters it through his own imagination, dismantling it and rebuilding it with an unheard palette of textures, timbres and rhythms. At times disorientating and chaotic and at others, restrained and delicate, the LP has one foot in dance music and the other in emotional and visionary experimentation."

Hi Michele, where does the name of your alias “Time Traveller” come from?

I have been always amused by time travelling theories and astronomy, and this went hand in hand with my obsession for sci-fi, technology and cyberpunk culture, from movies to fashion... the best name to describe this attitude.

Your new LP “I’m Made of Stars” is very dark, futuristic and abstract album. Where did you get the inspiration for this and which electronic musical instrument did you use while producing it? 

Basically I got deeply inspired by visual arts, as the sculptures of Arnaldo Pomodoro and Pinuccio Sciola, or the photography of Danila Tkachenko, Juha Arvid Helminen, or, moreover, the design works of Cinzia Araia. Through my practice, I try to translate concepts and images into sounds, like a soundtrack for a meaningful moment of my life journey.

Please explain what “techno” means to you? 

I started getting interested in music at a really young age, when I went with my father to buy music at some local shops. I've always found my personal shelter in music, and the sound of techno and electronic music was always something which fascinated me. In this last 10 years techno has been an escape from reality, but now it feels as something more real. Techno represents my way to reshuffle the reality and communicate my vision to the outside world.

Can you tell me more about the visuals behind the LP? 

I have a past background as a painter, street artist, illustrator. For more than 10 years I was an active artist in my city. Time Traveler enshrines all my interests and passions in one character. I personally took care of the packaging, illustrations and visuals for it, ensuring a visionary accent to Time Traveler project.

Free Download Of 'Interstellar' Available through XLR8R

Second wave of remixes will be provided by UK legend Dave Clarke and Detroit Techno Militia. We can expect them to drop before the end of the year.


By Andrej, edited on 13 June 2018