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Questions and answers from electronic music minds.
James Holden:"I think many people synchronising is one of the best things about music!"
Eelke Kleijn: "I don't want to stick genres on everything"
Cinthie: "Deffo not looking for the hype and a fast blow up!"
After Affair: "The only chance to make something big is to be different and unique"
Mene introduces his new imprint TOZLA
HECTOR:"Hard work really does pay off!"
Anastasia Kristensen: "My first true musical inspiration came from classical music"
Oliver Dollar: "I don’t really like to be reduced to one style"
Sascha Dive: "Frankfurt is my hometown."
Jack Wickham: "My studio motivation comes in waves."
Sonny Fodera: "Distance yourself from negative people and work hard"
ANOTR: "Getting far comes with hard work and life lessons"
Peter Broderick: "Piano deserves its own holiday if you ask me."
UMEK: "I have to try new things all the time."
James Dexter: "If the music is on point, then I'm open to get involved"
SVEN WEISEMANN: "Do your thing with passion and realness."
Interview with Rich NxT
Desyn:" The vision of a DJ"
SEBO K: "Nobody wants to take a risk anymore."
Interview: Newa "I am an emotion addict"
Matt Time: "I'm prepared to take the next step!"
Interview: JON RUNDELL
Interview with JULIEN SANDRE
Interview: GotSome
Interview: Sakro
Interview: Rumours
Interview with PHIL WEEKS
Interview with DJ Hell about his new album, single I Want U, Tom of Finland and more
Interview: Evident presents debut album Mysteries We Don’t Have Time To Think About
Short Interview with ACKT Imprint prior to their second release!
Interview: Christian Burkhardt
Interview: Mistakes
Interview with Time Traveler after his abstract LP 'I'm Made Of Stars'
Interview: Pan-Pot
Interview: Alex Ranerro
Interview: Tom Bug
Interview: Lady Dee
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