Island Obonjan will start accepting guests in July

Obonjan is a small island located just off the coast of Šibenik, Croatia. It used to be known as an island full of snakes, which later became exterminated because they’ve imported mongooses. Now it’s known for the fact that a group of promoters from the UK called ‘Sound Channel’ are transforming it into a party island. The same group of people has already made some serious impact on this area by successfully running another festival in Rovinj, called ‘Unknown’.  

They’ve just announced that the first guests will arrive on the 18th of June. The island will close its doors somewhere in mid-September. Most of the information about the island can be found in this superb online brochure. Obonjan will be a really unique experience, not only to ravers but to travellers and enthusiasts. In addition to electronic music, guests will have a wide range of other activities to choose from such as diving, surfing, workshops or canoeing. To make life on the island as simple as possible, they’ve set a bunch of restaurants, bars, tents, lodges and even a cinema. They’ve also shared the first couple of artists that will perform at Obonjan — Dilated People, Daniel Pinchbeck, Roy Ayers, DJ Shadow, Matthew Herbert and Lindstrom, just to name a few. We’ll definitely keep an eye on the island to inform you as much as we can. Who knows, maybe we’ll even decide to visit it on our own, to experience this unique adventure.

By Saša, edited on 13 June 2018