Jamahr with debut EP on Sleepless Musik

Italian duo Jamahr which previously successfully released tunes on labels such as Kina Music, Earlydub, Monday Morning and others, will soon be releasing a debut release on Berlin-based vinyl only Sleepless Musik record label. The release features three original tunes and a class remix from heavyweights, Cab Drivers.

Jamahr - Blue Sun EP

"Blue Sun" is the opening tune on the release and it features steady groove backgrounded with pulsating pads and flashy stabs. The techy rhythm gives it a nice drive and it works well with the melodic part. Italian duo Cab Drivers re-worked the opening tune with their signature swingy groove and a catchy acid bass line. They've stripped down drum elements to more basic pattern and kept the playful mood with delayed stabs.

B1 side is reserved for a track called "Romanti". A smooth beat is surrounded by mellow atmosphere while flowing hats and acid type of pluck are cutting through the foggy environment. The last track on the record is entitled "After Touch". The mood of this one fits perfectly with the rest of the EP presenting the solid groove, warm bass-line and melodic ambience.

The fourth release on Sleepless Musik will be out as a vinyl-only in next couple of months. The label continues to deliver club friendly grooves with tracks that include character and personal touch. Follow the labels page HERE to gather all necessary information regarding the release.

By Saša, edited on 15 June 2018