Jan Zero Kincl & Regis Kattie with LP on PDV Records

Croatian DJ & producer Jan Zero Kincl has united with French jazz keyboard player Regis Kattie to create their debut album which will be released via local PDV Records. Track "Florette" is a single taken from the album "In Plain Sight" which is based on smooth deep house vibes. This LP will be printed both on vinyl as well as digital in mid-April.

Jan Zero Kincl & Regis Kattie - Florette

As mentioned above, "Florette" is a single taken from the forthcoming LP and it gives just a small peek so the listeners will roughly know what to expect. The preview also features three different variations besides original LP one; a remix from Laseech, a Matija Duic & Jan Kincl's CYCLE Dub and Jan's radio edit. All versions delivered sexy underground grooves influenced by early Chicago deep house mood with a twist of French emotion.

Luka Veselinovic added his organic funky bass rhythm which perfectly works with casual jazzy chords and solo riffs. While LP edition of "Florette" brings out lounge vibes, Laseech introduces a bit more club orientated attitude with his remix. Matija & Jan stripped-down groove in their dub edit with the focus on drum pattern while still preserving some excitement from the original track.

With hearing the "Florette" previews we simply want to hear the rest of the "In Plain Sight LP". Jan Zero Kincl & Regis Kattie presented seriously good deep house material and we're looking forward to the full release. You can enjoy the preview of the first record until then.

By Saša, edited on 15 June 2018