Jeff Mills is coming to Zagreb to play a special 3 hour set!

From Detroit to Zagreb, the crowd of Boogaloo club will see a techno legend at work once he gets behind the deck's on February 24th to play a special 3-hour set. The one for the records.

Does a name Jeff Mills ring a bell for you? Well, 'The Bells' sure did ring back in 1997. when it hit the streets for the first time. Jeff Mills created one of the most recognized tracks that the dance scene has seen. But that's not it, he did more than just a techno anthem. Words 'DJ' and 'producer' surely do not fit his character. He is mostly known for his work either with world's famous three turntable set or behind the studio setup. Ever since he entered the scene back in the 80's people were witnessing something different. In the industrial city of Detroit, he showed them that his alias The Wizard will be something for the books. A name that techno scene will never forget. But it was also in his hometown where he opened a new era by joining forces with Mike 'Mad' Banks to form Underground Resistance. Jeff Mills is THE guy with whom techno scene wouldn't be what it is today. Motor City town for Mills was only the beginning.


All eyes were focused on his work cuz he proved to be a true visionary, one that can do stuff like no other. On the first look at Mills you might feel he's an extra-terrestrial being but deep inside he's a futurist, genius, composer, filmmaker, conceptual artist, all-around visionary, and of course, an absolute legend. He even mixed modern-classic music with his recognized techno sound back in 2k6 where he was joined on stage with Montpellier's Philharmonic Orchestra. But that's not even close to the achievements he accomplished. Last year saw a Detroit wizard getting an Officer's medal from Order of Arts and Letters in France. From a rough industrial city of Detroit, the French people gave a kid from Detroit this honor by welcoming his contribution to French culture. That's surely something to admire. The capital city of Croatia had a privilege to host Jeff Mills first time back in 1997. where he played it's legendary club Aquarius. And now, more then 20 years later he's playing yet another legendary club, Boogaloo. Future Scope team is all responsible for this huge event that will get into the history of Zagreb's party scene. Most of the tickets have already sold. That shouldn't be surprising since it's not like a legend like him plays in your backyard every week. Hint: there is no legend like him, he's unique.

Two floors at Boogaloo

On the stage, a Croatian favorite live act F.O.R.M. will join him on stage. You might find them banging a quality techno, sure. But once they open their sound chest it gives them all needed to start an experiment. The rest of the crew consists of a well known Boogaloo's residents Matya, ShiPe, and Mary. If you fancy coming to City of Vukovar town street 68 then be sure to bring extra 20+ euros. Just so you can pay for the ticket at the door. While already going there make sure to bring an extra pair of dance sneakers as well.
By SolvdMag, edited on 23 January 2018