Jelly For The Babies returns to The Purr Music

Marijan "Jelly For The Babies" Raskovic is one of the most active producers on the electronic music scene in the Ex-Yu region. The Belgrade's native is about to release a new EP on his own imprint The Purr Music. "Second Chance" is a single which is packed with three more remixes from Salsky, Nazca & Evgeny.

Second Chance EP

Marijan is always staying true to his progressive roots and that's also the case with the latest EP. The 80's disco-influenced synth pads are taking over the original tune. The track is simply built with a basic groove and majestic vocal cuts that are following those main pads. Salsky's remix is more of an uplifting version of the original. While pads are basically the same, there is more added to the groove with shuffling hi-hats and a rolling bass-line. Evgeny's remix is exploring the deeper areas of this package. Once again, the synth stabs are taking over the main role while other parts of the track are there to follow. We really love the bright hi-hats on this one, to give the track a little bit more groovier feeling.

We've already premiered Nazca's remix exclusively on our Soundcloud page couple of weeks ago - check it out HERE. So if a track starts with a simple groove and when you add some nice synths, pads or vocals to it, that is when magic can happen. Simplicity over complexity. "Second Chance" EP is a great example that less is more. This EP will be released on 31st of October, so make sure that you check out your preferred digital stores on time.

By Saša, edited on 13 June 2018