Jimmy Barka Experience presents new EP Stolen boats tonight at Gala Hala

If you’re in the mood for alternative and ethnic kind of electronic music, then the right place to enjoy the evening would be Gala Hala at Metelkova in Ljubljana. Jimmy Barka Experience (a collaboration between two DJs Borka, Bakto and drummer Marjan Stanić) is presenting their new EP Stolen Boats, which was released on our local music label rx:tx. Jimmy Barka Experience is definitely one of its kind. Their music is a mixture of hip-hop, funk, jazz, a little bit of rock, with a lot of ethnic inserts from the Balkans and African regions.

It truly is an experience, since you’re watching two DJs mixing and scratching and a percussionist giving live beats in the background. We’ve heard, that on this new EP, the guys even went a step forward with their inspiration. Each song sounds as if from a different part of the world, mixed in their own specific way. You can buy a digital version of the album here at rt:tx and it’ll also be available on Soundcloud soon. But, if you’re broke or impatient, feel free to check out Stolen Boats right away.

By Severin, edited on 13 June 2018