July'z presents Yttrium EP

July'z is a newborn project created by Spanish producer, DJ and label owner Juliche Hernandez. The Gran Canarian, who already successfully runs Downhill Music, has recently started his new vinyl-only imprint which will release Juliche's original music. The EP contains two original tracks and it'll be out at the end of January.

July'z - Yttrium EP

"Yttrium01" is a groovy track with a deeper influence which is lead by tender background pads pushing each other in and out. The main groove is simple yet catchy including smooth hat patterns and sub-bass rumble. On the other side, "Yttrium02" brings out even more deep-toned vibes.

Dark hollow pads have a nice presence mixed with occasional stabs. The drum rhythm is based on a minimalistic groove filled with glitchy sounds and vocal shots which gives this tune a pinch of mystic emotion.

July'z second release indicates the path that Juliche will take with his latest project. The Yttrium EP will be available from 30th January onwards and you can already check it out via Deejay.de HERE.

By Saša, edited on 15 June 2018