June Top Picks: 5 tracks we simply cannot get enough of


Here are the 5 tracks we’ve listened to a lot in the last couple of weeks and were handpicked for your listening pleasure. Press play and let’s leave it to these absolute club gems to get your blood pumping. Buy links are included in the track titles. We've also dug deeper for some exclusive free stuff from the featured artists. You’re welcome!

Constant - 003

Rumour has it that the Constant moniker could quite easily be either Burnski or Jon Woodall. We've been fans of their Constant Sound label and sub-label for quite some time now. A lot had to do with its forward-thinking house and techno pieces. Every release is pure class and this one is no exception - a perfect combination of wicked grooves and deeper vibes. A must-have!

Viktor Udvari - Ghetz

Another solid track coming from the Hungarian producer Viktor Udvari who's had a string of amazing releases. He draws influences from artists like Hostom, John Dimas and Janeret among others. The Black Girl and Tatar Jaras really stood out, but we can definitely expect more from him in the following months. Check more of his stuff on his Bandcamp site where he's given all of his 2016 production out FOR FREE (including the Tatar Jaras track). Definitely looking forward to more stuff like this.

Youngg P - Acid Tool

We are always on the lookout for new fresh music and artists. This time we are taking you to the underground clubs of Ukraine. Kiev House steps out with its first independent 12” to represent the most upfront and exciting talent coming out of Kiev. Youngg P has been dropping some really immersive, psychoactive house music and you seriously need to hear it. Don't sit around and wait too long as this batch is limited to 200 copies only. Monkey business!!

If you're not one for the vinyl, there's more music to be found on the label's Bandcamp site, where you can get the Kiev House previous EP by zolaa and Youngg P for FREE.

Ontal - Expanding Symmetry

Ontal is a collaborative project which consists of Boris Brenecki and Darko Kolar, both hailing from Serbia. They focus on the bleakest, blackest apocalyptic techno and grinding mechanoid rhythms. Formed in November 2011 and influenced by numerous music genres, their sound can be described as an uncompromising, hard and intense assault. "Expanding Symmetry" is a track produced for Amok Tapes record label, dropped on Kommando Kompilation.

John Dimas - Immersion

Ioannis Dimas is a Greek-born artist who moved to Berlin. The owner of Elephant Moon has a lot to show for in the last couple of years as he's been treating his listeners with a solid string of underground house releases which are the perfect combination of deep, minimal and tech. It's what tech house should sound like, take a note! Inspired by artists like Raresh, Zip, Mandar, Soul Capsule, Premiesku and many others he's managed to translate it into his own unique and punchy sound. 'Immersion' is the third track of the Telexistence EP and was released on Romanian label Metereze.

By Andrej, edited on 13 June 2018