K4's season opening this Friday the 16th September

This Friday Klub K4 will be under the spotlight. With closing its doors during the summer, getting ready for a new make-up and sound system, Ljubljana's underground club will open its doors to the public again on 16th September. If you're in Ljubljana or just passing by, this one you shouldn't miss! New season, new K4, and lots of new music to hear. This year, K4 is building on home brands, and also bringing in masters from abroad.

Their plan is also to improve and educate the younger generation with the eager for quality electronic music. They've changed their policy to now being open even during the week days. "Home brands" will be taking over Fridays, focusing on 4/4 music - house and techno, but also drum & bass enthusiasts.

But for those who miss the good old clubbing culture, and thought that house, disco, and nu-disco were at the edge of extinction in Ljubljana, the Saturdays are back in business. The opening night this Friday will be focused on local residents, that you can from thereon, listen through all year. The mix of all genres on two separate floors sounds like a spicy night, so come and roll your ears with us. But brace your selves, 'cause Oscar Offerman is here on 23rd September. And right after him, a Brazilian drum & bass icon DJ MARKY on 30th September. Stay tuned for more, and take a look at the lineup below! You'll be suprised, what K4's got prepared for you this year.

K4 OPENING / Petek, 16. 9.

Bakto / Freeverse vs DVS / Massimo / Dirtyspeakerz / DJ Saraieva / E. B. King vs Vuka /  Splinterhouse vs Levanael  / Alex Ranerro vs Evident / Simm. / Den7el  

HOČMO NAZAJ DINOZAVRE / Sobota, 17. 9. Pohalino (HND, Trash) / MZ Buchek (Trash) / Softskinson (Sezam), Senč (#gliser)

K4x4 w/ OSKAR OFFERMANN / Petek, 23. 9. Oskar Offerman (White, Mule musiq) / Ulix (Synaptic) / Vid Vai (Sensual, White /  Christian Kroupa (R&S, Farbwechsel) / Marin (Just Us) / Tzena  

JUST A DANCE / Sobota, 24. 9. Den7el (Just A Dance) / Torulsson (Wave Riders!) / Disco Durum (Kvalitat)

K4DNB w/ DJ MARKY / Petek, 30. 9. DJ Marky (Innerground, BR) / Danaja, Lunic (Drumwise) / Klepetz vs DubTone, Trdee vs MidAir, Yooronyaa (LiquiFi)  

SEZAM / Sobota, 1. 10. Dacho / Krilc / Softskinson / Lavanael  

TIGERBALM w/ INKKE / Petek, 7. 10.

INKKE / supporting act TBA 

By Severin, edited on 13 June 2018