Kristian Heikkila, Dave Simon & Xpansul for Tauten label's 45th release

Belgrade based label Tauten just put out its 45th release - Polywox - a four-track EP by Kristian Heikkilä that includes remixes by Dave Simon and Xpansul.

'Polywox' original is a catchy piece of club music, very simple and elegant. This piece is very suitable for mixing cause of its great arrangement and beautifully organized textures.

Dave Simon gives us a little less smoothness with his remix of Polywox but makes it adapt perfectly to the furious moments on the floor. Kind off UK oriented in his remix, Simon added more rhythmical energy with astonishing drum section and rough cuts of original samples.

For the second 'Polywox' remix, Xpansul hits it just right to make this track suitable for all occasions. A perfect ambient piece here with those dubby chords in the background. Rolling all the way to sweetness, this one makes the mood really steady and comfy for everyone.

'Ground' is another original of this EP. Kristian likes it simple! Cool kick drum, catchy little melodies, a hat, a perc. You really don’t need much more of these to make it bumpy and sweet as this one.

Listen and buy 'Polywox' on Beatport.

Tauten label, run by famous Serbian DJ and producer TKNO, was founded near the end of 2014. Since then we've seen numerous Tauten EP and VA releases & visited their showcases and event collaborations with clubs and festivals around Europe. Their next big event is scheduled for April 28th in club Drugstore, in Belgrade.

By Andrej, edited on 01 June 2018