Kruševac to host debut edition of Oaza festival

While there's a flood of regional festivals that are being produced and coordinated by foreign teams, such as Defected Croatia, Hideout, Love International and others, there are still few ones, that are entirely domestic orientated. One of these is a newly established Oaza festival which will take place from 17th till 19th August in Serbian city Kruševac. This event is a smooth mixture of local talents and international acts which will add a special touch to the festival. 

The Oaza festival will present French house legend D'Julz who will be joined by Russian DJ Tripmastaz and another french maestro Okain. On the other side, legends such as Marko Nastić and Dejan Milićević will lead the local strengths. Besides them, the festival will introduce a bunch of young talents such as Mene, Rub A Dub, Jovan Vučetić, Miroslav Petković and many others. 

The festive happenings will be spread across two different venues. The daily events will be reserved for casual pool parties where labels Easy Tiger and TOZLA will have their showcases while the night action will move to nearby park Slobodište. The tickets can already be purchased via their FB page. 

By Saša, edited on 05 July 2018