Love & Loops Records with their first release

Love & Loops is a fresh Argentinean music label which is based in Berlin and directed by Ale Castro. The label has a lot of variety of delicious house music that is inspired & influenced by disco, deep, garage but maintaining the grooves and roots of house. The label will focus on providing vinyl releases and on music that is made with "love, machines & loops". The first release is a splendid 4-track VA compilation that includes music from talented artists Bs As Deep, Manuel Sahagun, Franco Strato and of course label's boss Ale Castro.

Love & Loops #001 - Various Artists

The opening track on the package was produced by Ale and it's called "Lovely House Tool". As the name is already suggesting, the track is truly a lovely tool. An oversaturated kick, which is finely co-working with sub-bass-line, is giving the track a solid structure. On the other side, stab synth notes are working as a balance to the lower end of the track while shuffling hi-hats are providing it with the necessary rhythm. The A2 track was written by Bs As Deep and it's titled "Fluid Made By Heart". This tune is a strong groover with a jackin' beat and a funky kind of bass-line. We love the idea of playful synths which are perfectly lined with other elements. Small plucks and bits in the background just makes everything even better.

Let's move over to the B side. "Catch The Play" was made by Manuel and it's a stable tune with four to the floor beat. This one has a bit more organic approach with lovely cowbells and percussions gliding through the attractive bass-line. The vocal phrase gives this track a slight live pleasure and it's surely a nice add-on. Last track on the compilation is reserved for Franco and his house stomper. "It's Up To You" is a tight record with a soulful rhythm and a steady vocal. The bass-line supports melodic elements and is working nicely with the rest of the drum ingredients.

This is a veracious introduction from this newborn label and it's definitely worth checking out. The official release is set for 30th March and you can already pre-order it via HERE. We're looking forward to hearing more from Love $ Loops!

By Saša, edited on 15 June 2018