Luca Olivotto presents debut Album on his Endless Music

Italian DJ, producer and label owner, Luca Olivotto, has decided to do what used to be a regular thing within the music community. Back in the days, albums have had a bigger value while today, they're being pushed away by EPs and even more, singles. That's why it's even more respectful to see a producer devote his time into creating a whole around package called an album. 

Luca, as many ahead of him, found his new home at the German capital city, the electronic music mecca. After moving to Berlin a few years ago, he started an imprint called Endless Music focused on independent and beautiful electronic music. His label aims for originality and creativity, boasting music with character. Luca's productions and sets range from house and melodic techno but experimentation has always been at the forefront of his ambition. He tried to gather his musical journey in an eleven-track album.


This album mostly contains dance-floor friendly tunes which can fit different moods and atmospheres. The opening tune, "Satisfaction" introduces minimalistic drum pattern based on heavy low-end which is later on combined with arps and melodic cuts. "Consciousness" continues with a similar, darker mood based on filtered phat kick surrounded with percussive sounds that give some excitement. "Evil Me" reveals Luca's energetic side with slightly uplifting groove and strong acid flavour which bursts out energy. 

"New Era" instantly grabs your attention with distinguishing rhythm based on triplets. The rough bass-line is the main source of energy while the background pads share some emotions. The organic groove mixed with arp sounds leads "Club Horses" while "Wheel Of Fortune" introduces somewhat deeper energy with smooth rhythm and pleasant melodies. 

"Deal With It" surely fits the less is more vibe of the whole album, with a rather basic groove but stellar stabs and bass. The next tune could easily be the best one out of all. The piano hook at "Vienna" is just super addictive and it's been proved countless times, while the pulsating hats give the tune just the right amount of drive. "Keep On" is the album title track and we could sense why. The background pads have this mellow feel which can easily help you get lost in the groove and low-end. 

The 10th track on the album, "Dazed" follows the spirit with a pulsating low-end, acid touch and a rather simple drum groove. The last record on the release "Black Gloves" is probably the only track on the album which isn't 100% dance-floor suitable, even though it wouldn't be wrong to hear it in a club. A stripped-down break-beat influenced rhythm works perfectly with acidic elements and melodic cuts. 

As this is Luca's debut album, it's hard to tell that there were any expectations. With eleven different tracks, there will surely be something for everyone. Maybe we would like to hear even more versatility but all in all, this is a quality album with dark flavour and subtle energy that has something special in it. 

The album will be available from 07.01.2019 onwards via online digital shops. 


  1. Satisfaction (5:56)
  2. Consciousness (5:49)
  3. Evil Me (5:56)
  4. New Era (4:43)
  5. Club Horses (7:57)
  6. Wheel Of Fortune (7:49)
  7. Deal With It (5:14)
  8. Vienna (7:26)
  9. Keep On (6:10)
  10. Dazed (7:12)
  11. Black Gloves (6:22)
By Saša, edited on 07 December 2018