'LuckIsOn' opening with Evan Baggs

LuckIsOn is a safe playground for sound exploration, spiritual alchemy, and neverending dancing rituals. Created by local artists, LuckIsOn became a community of cosmic gypsies in love with music and each other.

On 27th of October, LuckIsOn will join forces with New Yorker Evan Baggs for a season-opening event at F CLUB, Ljubljana. Evan moved from New York to Berlin 10 years ago and with his experience and killer DJ sets quickly broke onto the European underground scene. His presence there has been fortified with releases on Cabaret Recordings and Time Passages.

Alongside Evan we will also have a pleasure to hear the 'indispensable cat' on decks Ian F. and three juniors Mayell, Tim Kern and Tzena

By Matic, edited on 30 May 2018