LuckIsOn with their first solo EP on same-titled new-born label

Slovenian prodigy Valentino Kanzyani has gathered a team of like-minded people to gather a new project called LuckIsOn. What started as a project which involved a series of events in the Slovenian capital city Ljubljana, later on, spread all over the nation and even abroad. The team likes to introduce themselves as a tribe of cosmic gipsies in Love with Music and each other and LuckIsOn is their Playground. Since the whole project didn't go unnoticed it was just the matter of time before they'd expand their interests into a record label. And so it happened, the LuckIsOn vinyl-only imprint was born. The first release comes from the whole team and it consists of four original tunes. 

LuckIsOn - Luckison 01

"Saturnusaas" is the opening gem on the package which instantly gets us into the playful mode. The organ influenced lead synth also works as a bass-line while the background pads and plucks gives the track its depth. The drum pattern is shifted many times, from classic 4/4 groove to more complex break-beat grooves. A2 side is where we can find "Hnezda". A groovy record based on mesmerizing pulsating pads and subtle bass. The drums are mostly sequenced with legendary 909 patterns which gives this one an old-school touch.

"Mysticbanana" is the first tune on the B side and it presents strong swingy drum rhythms while the melodic part takes us on a mystic journey through space. The last track on the EP is a remix from track "Hnezda". This version is quite similar to the original with a bit different more rumbling bass-line and synth hook while the rest of melodics pretty much follows the pristine idea. 

The first release of LuckIsOn team on their newly-established record label suggests on their musical identity but we'll have to wait a bit more to hear some future projects as well. The release will be available as a vinyl-only via Japanese distribution EFD in the following months.

By Saša, edited on 31 August 2018